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Short Film

“Goodbye Grandpa" (Adiós Abuelo) is a heartwarming comedy about a man who's given a second chance to reconnect with his estranged daughter after many years of separation. In order to do so, he must meet his grandson, a prospect that fills him with anger and anxiety. But when he finally musters up the courage to go to the park to meet his grandchild, he forms an unexpected bond and friendship that will change his life forever.

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When we set out to create "Goodbye Grandpa," we wanted to capture the essence of a fairy tale, something that felt like it could have come straight out of a children's book. We knew we had a simple story to work with - the classic trope of opposites attracting - but we also knew we had to make it interesting and engaging. The challenge was in finding a way to take a simple premise and elevate it to something that felt meaningful and emotionally resonant.

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