2008-2010 iPhone Illustrations

Yes, with an iPhone. It was surprisingly awesome to use, specially because it got me started in digital art. 

2009-2010 Manga Character Designs

At some point, I thought about going to Japan into the anime & video game industry. 

2012-2015 My Sketchbook Jurney

Weird, wacky, fantasy. This is more like it. Yes.

2019-2020 People Studies

People are awesome.

2019-2020 Fantasy Mashups

Loose. Simple. Just creative fun. I do this exercise to get ideas flowing. You should try it too.

2012-2015 Storyboard Ideas

I did those in my classes during film school. Not all of my classes were fun but I made the best of them.

2019-2020 30min Sketches

Loose. Simple. Just fun. An exercise to get ideas flowing.